• There was a topic a few days ago that was going on about "hipsters". I tried to find it, but it is a word that crops up surprisingly often according to Discosearch. Therefore, I have decided it is worthy of a thread of it's own.


  • Again, I notice that there is something serendipitous about the image and One Box text:

    @loose said:

    The Shed

  • SockDev

    the co-writers of TV's Miranda

    So they'll all be written on the border of believability and insanity?

  • kills Dumbledore

    No, the border of bullshit and unfunny crap. Right next to Mrs. Brown's Boys

  • SockDev

    *is pretty sure those two borders meet somewhere*

  • area_deu

    The border of extacy and the border of death?

    Filed under: @magus?

  • Winner of the 2016 Presidential Election Banned

    *is pretty sure those two borders meet in this forum*

  • @Jaloopa said:

    bullshit and unfunny crap. Right next to Mrs. Brown's Boys


  • Hipsters were a thing in like 2006. I hated them before it was cool.

    But seriously, why do people dislike hipsters? They're way better then gen-xers, with their bullshit boring "alternative" music that everybody in that cohort listens to. So what if a hipster wants to listen to music you've never heard of? That's what the internet is for. For findings what you like, and sharing it with your friends.

    Also, gen-ers are middle aged now. Boring middle management types who grew up having it easier than the subsequent generations. Really. It takes a millennial roughly 24 years to pay off their student loan debt, compared to like 12 years for an xer. The labor market has never been worse than in the past few years, and meanwhile a generation or two are getting left behind because of demographic problems. The same thing happened in Japan, in the 90s, for the same reason.

    Kill the boomers. Eat their children. Their savings are getting cashed now, and it will be enormously inflationary, since the only value younger folks will be able to create is wiping baby boomer assess for 30 years, and will be paid with increasingly useless dollars with no value to back them (since the boomers have nothing to trade. The value of their labor 20 years ago is now effectively 0).

  • A lot of people hate hipsters because of the combination of anti-conformist bull-shit cultural appropriation with a topping of special snowflake syndrome.

    I'm waiting for the rise of the Neo-Beatniks.

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