About the First Mafia game: Release! Mafia

  • ##Release! Mafia
    This is a closed-setup Mafia game for a number of players.

    You will work with each other to eliminate players whose goal conflicts with yours, using a daily democratic execution, and whatever other powers are available to you. When a player is eliminated, I will post their role PM. Here is one such PM:

    You are the Six of Fruits! Truly an excellent card, playable in any situation. Whichever player holds you, you hope they put you into the upcoming release...

    You are Vanilla. You have no special abilities, aside from your vote, and if applicable your faction kill.

    You are Town-aligned. Your goal is to use the daily execution to eliminate all threats. Good luck!

    • If you are Town-aligned, you win when all threats are eliminated.
    • If you are Mafia-aligned, you win when there is nothing to prevent your takeover. You have a nightly factional kill to effect this.
    • If you are Self-aligned, you win when [spoiler]BELGIUM BELGIUM BELGIUM[/spoiler].

    During the day, any player may ##vote for another player's execution. You only have one vote, but may change it at any time, or retract it with ##unvote. As soon as a player has a majority of the votes, they are removed from the game, and the day ends immediately. If no payer has a majority by the deadline, then no execution takes place. Days will start at around 72 hours each.

    During the night, you may post, but ##votes and other in-thread actions (if any) don't count. Most moderators close the thread from posting entirely, but I am not most moderators. Instead, players submit any actions they have out of thread. Nights will last about 24 hours, though they may end sooner if all actions are submitted sooner.

    The SA standard rules apply:

    1. Do not edit your posts. Do not edit your posts. You may play Russian roulette to fix typos and the like, but if an edit pencil appears, you're out. Do not edit your posts.
    2. Unless otherwise specified in your role PM, do not discuss the game with another player, living or dead. Also don't use an intermediary or other such system. All game discussion happens in the thread for all to see, or not at all.
    3. Do not copy-paste from any out-of-thread communication. Paraphrasing is okay, but direct C+P is forbidden because the result is too "suspiciously legitimate".
    4. If you are not a live player, do not post in the thread. Dead players can make one "ghost post", but may not include anything that might influence the game; suggested wording: "Bah! Go town/mafia!"
    5. Do not post "after the hammer". While it's highly unlikely that something can change the outcome of an execution, it's not impossible, and allowing posts after the majority-tipping vote can unintentionally disclose supposedly-hidden information. Similarly, if someone posts a potentially-lethal action during the day, don't post until I can tell you what happens.
    6. Do not encrypt your posts. Do not post in a language other than English. Do not alter your posts in a way other than editing. Do not post using your steganographic code from your secondary school clique. Do not use the last-visited or last-posted date or time. Do not post an image from SnapChat, Imgur, or other image services that let your change or delete them. Do not make $1,000 bets that you're not Mafia. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.
      (Essentially, the entire contents of the thread should be visible to everyone at all times, and actions outside of Mafia should not drive decisions inside Mafia, nor vice versa.)
    7. Do not use actions that you do not have.
    8. Do post at least once every 24 hours.

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