Don't let your data loose

  • One of the ads seen on TheDailyWTF:

    Data Deposit Box

    When was the last time you backed up all your documents, photos, code, etc and stored your backup offsite? How much would you loose if your HD crashed today?

    Get continuous backup for 1¢/MB/mo with everthing you'd expect with a 30-day free trial.

    Remind me not to let my data loose again.

    "Back up your private information with us. Credit card numbers,
    finiancial data, your quicken backups. You can't lose" or is that
    loose? Better yet, I'll do it for free. Just send your private
    information to me, 😉 I'll be honest with it, I promise. ... you can
    trust me, can't you? [;)]

  • Sonuva! Actually, I wrote that copy and put it up ... man, I have to be the worst proof-reader ever.

    Aside from that, it's an incredibly sweet service. I'm using it to back up both this server and my home files. The software can be setup to run as an NT service.

  • The beauty of running a site like this:

    There's at least a good proportion of people with a critical eye.

    I just realised that I posted in the wrong forum. Ohh well. As for the
    service... Hmm. I'd use it for source back-up, if they'd agree not to
    let out my super-secret plans to take over the wor.. oops..

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