Smart Unit Tests / IntelliTest VS2015

  • So, one of the announcements for VS2015 were those "smart" automated unit tests which you are supposed to be able to add to your project just like this:

    However, what I am seeing is this:

    There's also a dearth of information surrounding this. Does anyone have a clue what is going on here?

  • SockDev

    What version of VS2015 do you have? i'm pretty sure that's a feature only in one of the expensive versions (ultimate only i think, or whatever they are calling ultimate these days)

  • Community, I think.

    Yeah, that might be it. They really could communicate this stuff better.

  • I remember it working in community preview...
    Nothing in the error log/pane?

  • SockDev

    @Rhywden said:

    They really could communicate this stuff better

    this is microsoft we're talking about!


    @swayde said:

    I remember it working in community preview...
    I could be wrong, it's happened before. I know that in <2015 the test runner was a paid adon for anything less than VS ultimate, and expensive enough it was always cheaper to buy JetBrain's tools which worked almost as well and were <300$/seat for the basic suite and <600$/seat for the extended version (includes test coverage, memory usage/traceing and perfprmance profiling tools)

    IIRC that's less than the ~1.2k/seat that M$FT wanted for their test runners....

    and then they went and blenderized their pricing structure for 2015 so who knows what is in which level!

  • Microsoft licensing is like Oracle licensing - no-one's supposed to be able to work it out, just pay the big numbers they get told to.

  • Nope. Simply doesn't show up.

  • Yeah, CE is equivalent to Pro, and all the higher versions were folded into Enterprise. Intellitests are only available at that level, and they're weird.

    You have to create them, which generates a nearly empty project, then run them, which generates tests, then save ones you like and fix problems with them.

    I can't use them at work, because our build server is 2013, and I can't use them at home, because the other guy working on my project with me is on CE.

  • Now the menu option for "Create Unit Test" also doesn't show up. In the same project, mind.

    I'm moderately mystified as to what happened as the original test still show up and are running.

  • I'm using Enterprise and according to an editor's note in this article:
    The "Smart Unit Tests" were renamed to IntelliTests.

    To be honest, for everything I've tried it with, it does little more than create the skeleton signature for the unit tests. It is nice in that it saves you some typing and will create the unit test project for you, But you still have to write the tests yourself.

  • Not exactly. I've been messing around with it a bit more of late, and if you add a couple of assumptions and an assert, it generates a bunch of similar tests with different inputs. So you do have to do some manual tests, but that just teaches it what things you want tested, and it goes and does more of that.

    It's pretty nice, but I haven't fully got the hang of it yet.

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