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  • Continuing the discussion from Vanilla:

    @Magus said:

    It has the same ideals as Dischord

    Link: https://discord.gg/0Vs6hVsL35Re6WmM


    • Voice chat
    • IRC-like chatrooms
    • Easy image upload
    • Cross browser, native apps
    • Desktop Notifications


    • Voice chat
    • No self-hosting
    • Needs invitations
    • No badges
    • Read/unread is a bit iffy
    • No custom CSS
    • Topics, Categories: choose one, they're called Channels
    • Not threaded
    • Usernames are not unique

    This is kinda tounge-in-cheek. Chat isn't a good platform for the volume of discussions you have.

  • No.

  • Hell no.

    @riking said:

    native apps

    @riking said:

    Desktop Notifications

    @riking said:

    Voice chat

    plus recognized cons. Any pros?

  • Although a voice or text live chat might work for some aspects of this community, it doesn't replace a forum.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    We really don't want voice chat. Firstly, we're an asynchronous community. Secondly, getting everyone's volume right in a multi-participant call is a nightmare (and there's always someone with a heavy-breathing problem or stupid amounts of feedback). Thirdly, it'll be unusable in many environments in the first place.

  • Yeah - if I wanted to hear blakey rant about stuff I'd watch more of his Youtube videos.

  • I've used it, it's basically a slack clone. Don't think it's a good format for this site.

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