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    Continuing the discussion from ‭🙅 THE BAD IDEAS THREAD:

    @M_Adams said:

    Metaphor, schmetaphor...

    @codinghorror said:

    As to philosophical "we wanted a truck and you are giving us a car" concerns, those I can't resolve, just explain the rationale for. If you disagree with that rationale, that's fine, it's like two different religions that have to coexist somehow.

    So I was reading The Bad Ideas Thread which I'm more than a year behind on and stumbled on this quote which when clicked led me to a topic private or deleted page. I didn't think much of it at the time but a couple posts later I find another one.

    @M_Adams said:

    Hey, wasn't @HardwareGeek supposed to report back on his chocolate tasting?
    @HardwareGeek, post:1364, topic:60, full=true said:
    @DoctorJones said:
    So, how did the chocolate taste testing go man?

    I still haven't gotten around to actually doing it. Maybe next weekend.

    In this post only the inner quote is correctly clickable and the outer quote again leads to deleted or not found topic. However I notice the inner quote topic ID and outer quote post ID are suspiciously similar.
    Switching post and topic ID gives you the correct post.

    Anyway, quick discosearch didn't turn up anything related, so I'm just wondering if this is some old bug fixed since, or a rebaking of posts that broke old quotes or something else entirely.

  • @HardwareGeek's URL (for me: redirects me to here:

    Which is:

    @M_Adams' quote on the other hand 301's me to (5/8/2014 2:30:46 PM)

    I have no idea....

  • :belt_onion:

    Thanks for taking the time to research it 😄

    I am still a bit curious what could have caused it, because transposing topic and post ID in HardwareGeek's quote gives you the correct link to

    Particularly interesting seems to be my second quote where only the parent quote exhibits this, but inner quote is still pointing to the correct post.

  • Ah - I suspect that the two posts were autogenerated by @paulabean to be entirely co-incidental and that threw me off, and has nothing to do with the apparent bug.

    As you were...

  • More importantly, how was the chocolate?

  • @Lorne_Kates said:

    how was the chocolate?
    At this point, stale. I will have to buy fresh chocolate before I can do a valid comparison, and that will have to wait until I have paychecks coming in again.

    However, even without a properly blinded test, I can tell you that at least one or two of the varieties I originally purchased for the test will not be repurchased for real test when I (someday) get around to doing it. They are so bitter as to be, if not inedible, at least unpleasant, so they are guaranteed to be losers in the best-tasting evaluation. If I were doing a real study of what people in general like, I would include them, because somebody might like them. But since this is basically just what do I like — unbiased by prior knowledge of which one I'm tasting — I feel justified in eliminating ones I already know I dislike, even if that knowledge was obtained under uncontrolled conditions.

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