Office Manager Madness

  • The other day I was asked by one of the superiors to copy a CD for him... after all we have nothing better to do, right? (that, or he saw me on Slashdot when he asked) I thought it'd be a neat trick to interpret his words unusually, made a photocopy of the CD - double sided no less! - and gave it to the guy. Imagine my surprise when he took it and looked at it seriously and didn't see what was wrong!

    I guess I should tell him the paper shredder isn't a CD loading slot, just to be on the safe side.


    (apologies to craiga but it was too good to resist!)

  • He'll soon be back to ask you to make another copy. Cutting along the outer edge of the copy was easy, but he messed up when cutting out the hole in the middle... 😉

  • Heh, I admit to a double-take when I started reading this 🙂

  • <font size="+1">L</font>et us know if you still have a job on Monday.


  • I'll bet he's one of those people that complain that their fax machine
    broke when they went to send someone a copy of a floppy disk.

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