Inconsistent link behaviour

  • sockdevs

    I think we've reported this before?

    @sloosecannon said:


    Left-click: error.
    Middle-click: works.


    Note: Link leads to a thread in the Lounge, so you need to be at least TL3 to get to it

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    Well it breaking makes sense. I did something totally unsupported.
    I put a link in an <a> tag.

    Wait a second...

  • All things I can do on my laptop cause the error.
    Left click: error.
    Ctrl+left click: error.
    Right click, open in new tab: error.

    edit: and three finger tap: error.

  • area_can


  • Copying and pasting that URL into a new incognito window gives an error too, so it's something wrong with the URL or the page it tries to generate.

  • sockdevs

    For you it should say something along the lines of 'access denied', which is normal, as it's a Lounge thread, which you haven't yet earned the right to access :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Oh, that'll be why it always errors then.
    However - it's always this.

  • Where does it say "access denied"? Is it written in white text?

  • sockdevs

    Oh yeah, that's the wrong result; looks like @LB_ has the same issue

  • sockdevs

    This is what it should be:

  • Nope, it doesn't matter whether I am logged in or not, I just get the error. Google Chrome Version 45.0.2454.85 m (64-bit)

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    Actually that might be the discocorrect message. There could be a bug throwing up the wrong message

  • Sadly this isn't the first time a bug has been discovered while reporting another bug.

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    I think that's it...

  • sockdevs

  • Winner of the 2016 Presidential Election


    First one errors on left click only, second one works

  • The slug version gives the access denied message. When logged out, it asks to log in.

  • sockdevs

    And that's the wonders of Discourse ;)

  • :facepalm:

  • sockdevs

    In theory, the slug part (normally the topic title) is optional; however, the processing is fucked up, so omitting the slug hits a different error condition

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    What tops the discoursistancy cake though, is the fact that it breaks even for logged in users... at least, until you middle mouse click it...

  • Isn't that a years-old WONTFIX TOOLAZY OHHEYABIKESHED?

    Thing is, when you open the link with a middle-click, you load its href. Said href is the shortened version of the link (t/nnnn), but that's okay, because Discourse's controller for that route simply issues a 301 Moved Permanently and redirects you to the proper, slugged link.

    Problem is, when you left-click, you run Discourse's magic click handler instead. That, instead of simply redirecting you to the t/xxxx controller, attempts to handle retrieving the slug client-side, and then load the page via AJAX. To do that, it first AJAXes to t/id_for/nnnn, which calls a different controller:

    def id_for_slug
        topic = Topic.find_by(slug: params[:slug].downcase)
        raise Discourse::NotFound unless topic
        render json: {slug: topic.slug, topic_id:, url: topic.url}

    Which is all fine-and-dandy, but Discourse somehow (haven't pinned it down) chokes when sent an X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest header on that call.

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    TIL I'm TL3. Nifty?
    Checking shadowmods...

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