Unapproved approval

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    So I go to a threadtopicwhatever they're called.


    At the bottom, I see that

    “This topic has 1 post waiting approval”

    And a link is provided so that I can approve it (“✓ view pending posts”). I wonder whether this is some strange TL3 power that I've not observed before (there's probably a bunch of those) and I click on the link.

    It takes me to https://what.thedailywtf.com/exception 😦 Consistently. Is this a bug? It smells like one. If I'm not authorized to approve pending posts, why am I shown the link? If I am authorized, why does it fail?

  • I heard there was a post which was pending approval? 😆


  • Ok, just woken up (time of day meaningless in my context) and I appear to be experiencing.... something because my brain has interpreted what I have just read, in terms of of a Use Case as:

    A Member submits a Post and presumably it is parsed by something/one that decides it needs approval by someone.

    So how is that going to work? The only thing I can think of that can even be considered to be a reliable "trigger", that does not require a level of pseudo AI far beyond the capabilities of that that has been demonstrated (by dic....whatever), is an @mention. Whilst I can see the benefits of that, how would it tell the difference between "...you suck @mention..." and "...good call @mention..."?

  • You probably shouldn't be seeing that. It was something that Discourse thought looked like spam. It was and I deleted it and the spammer's account.

    Well, it makes sense that non-moderators could see that there are posts waiting for approval, but not a link to try to approve them.

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