Zinc Oxide

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    @Weng said:

    "Plastics make it possible"

    Zinc Oxide and You – 02:01
    — Andy A

  • That's gold.

    Why aren't they making videos like that anymore? I guess zinc oxide uses are common knowledge these days...

  • It's like a more self-aware version of the famous A Case of Spring Fever:

    A Case of Spring Fever – 08:17
    — DAKlives

    Which I personally feel was at least 45-50% spoof even at the time it was written, it's too ridiculous to be completely straightforward.

    Imagine it: you're a writer who wanted to be a serious artist, but you work at an educational film company to earn a paycheck. Your boss comes up to you and says, "hey, write a short about how important springs are. You need to pack in all this info."

    What does he write? Some kind of weird entertaining Twilight Zone scenario, then when he reaches the end of the short he packs in ALL THE INFO in a single long-ass monologue-- which he visibly shows BORING THE AUDIENCE IN THE SHORT. THE SHORT ITSELF POINTS OUT HOW BORING THE INFORMATION IT WAS SUPPOSED TO CONVEY WAS! THE FRIENDS HE'S TELLING ABOUT SPRINGS ACTUALLY FALL ASLEEP!

    It's pretty amazing.

    And there's no way it was written by a person without a really sharp sense of humor.

    "Why, there's springs in mousetraps, guns--" MST3K: "Guns, you say?"

  • @cartman82 said:

    Why aren't they making videos like that anymore?

    That video is part of Kentucky Fried Movie.

    I haven't watch it yet, but my father has recommended it.

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