Non-Local Interviews

  • Every so often I make it a rule to "bite" on a recruiter offer to interview at some company. If, for no other reason, it keeps me up on updating my LinkedIn and keeping my resume up to date.

    This one position sounded right up my alley - mix of Linux, Oracle, scripting, some development, etc. All good stuff.

    Recruiter lady reaches out..."You'll have a phone call with a manager in a week."

    First interview was with group manager in another state. Alright. Lasted 15 minutes, but went fairly well. "You'll hear back from us next week for the tech interview".


    So, one week later, the HR folks tell me that I have a technical interview with the development team in India.

    The call was a panel-style tech interview in the early AM (for me) and was about 45 minutes. I can't complain really but this isn't something that I've seen or heard of before.

    Is this a trend?

    I just find it to be a little weird that, despite being a local job, two interviews in, I haven't actually talked to anybody local.

  • We have a similar process for bringing on short term (6 month to 2 years) contractors- but never for an actual FTE.

  • iInesat's recruitment process was a bit like that. Money and management in USA, Software Tech in China, workplace just down the road from me.

    Cannot offer any comment on the trending aspect of it. Most of my work has been with companies that are single entities that did not have a head office. Even for those that did, the process seemed always to be: local office interview; then head office at (Uk Company) Director level.

  • Different industry but I have a friend who works as a property manager. He lives here in CA, and was looking for a job locally. The company that picked him up flew him to TX to interview for the job here.

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