The Incredible Shrinking Preview, part IV

  • Continuing the discussion from Closed poll: The Incredible Shrinking Preview, part III:

    @CoyneTheDup said:

    The preview page you reach from main page topics started out as 19 posts, which I thought was an odd number. Now it has shrunk to 17 posts, which is, like, 10.5263158% reduction in one step (billionths are important).

    Assuming the page shrinks every month from now on, how long before it disappears entirely?

    The results of the poll are in, and the result is that we believe the preview page will disappear when someone goes insane and starts doing the TheDailyWTF articles in Discourse. Which sounds about right.

    (Some nitpickers might claim that FILE_NOT_FOUND won, but those were treated as under-votes by the polling authority. C'mon, that was the item at the bottom of the list, also called the "hanging Chad".)

    So I guess we wait for the end: Articles in Discourse.

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