Closed poll: The Incredible Shrinking Preview, part III

  • Continuing the discussion from The Incredible Shrinking Preview:

    @CoyneTheDup said:

    I noticed a while back that the number of posts in the preview dropped from 19 to 17. I think it should be dropped to just 1.

    That way, there'd be a competition to get the frist post, so you can get your name on the preview page.

    Added challenge: Posts before the the actual publish time don't count for the frist preview page.

    Bonus: The page could be renamed "Frist Preview Page."

    Part II had a problem because I tried to create it on a toy. Now trying a Real® computer...

    The preview page you reach from main page topics started out as 19 posts, which I thought was an odd number. Now it has shrunk to 17 posts, which is, like, 10.5263158% reduction in one step (billionths are important).

    Assuming the page shrinks every month from now on, how long before it disappears entirely?


    • Never. But it will shrink to 1 bit of the first post in about 60 months (after that, further shrinkage not possible)
    • Never. But it will start showing posts from the preceding article in about 60 months
    • At heat death of the universe, give or take a few tens of kiloyoctoyoctoyoctoyoctoyears
    • When someone gets sense and links the articles directly into Discourse
    • Never. The number of posts is cryptographically random but always positive
    • When someone goes insane and starts doing the articles directly in Discourse

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