The Incredible Shrinking Preview, part II

  • Continuing the discussion from The Incredible Shrinking Preview:

    @CoyneTheDup said:

    I noticed a while back that the number of posts in the preview dropped from 19 to 17. I think it should be dropped to just 1.

    That way, there'd be a competition to get the frist post, so you can get your name on the preview page.

    Added challenge: Posts before the the actual publish time don't count for the frist preview page.

    Bonus: The page could be renamed "Frist Preview Page."

    So my real intention was to make fun of the incredible shrinking preview page. I mean, it was just the first 19 [I was not done you miserable piece of undefined --last time I try to use a mobile to start a topic--I didn't click save, I was just trying to reposition the caret]

    Given that...on to part III.

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