Harvard Student Finds Flaw, Loses Facebook Internship

  • What does he expect? He found a security flaw and instead of giving Facebook a chance to fix it first, instead actually created a tool to exploit the flaw and made it public.

    With that kind of ethos, I wouldn't have been too keen to give him even more access.

  • @Rhywden said:

    What does he expect?

    Yeah, it's one thing to be made a scapegoat for being a white-hat; it's something else again to publicly post an exploit for the flaw.

  • @Rhywden said:

    What does he expect?

    In other news, someone's imagined an upcoming press release from some security firm or other on one of their new hires who..

    ...recently made international news by demonstrating a critical security / privacy flaw in FaceBook's messenger application, a flaw that potentially affected hundreds of millions of unsuspecting at-risk FB users...

  • I don't think it works this way.

    I heard that the author of CIH virus didn't get a post on any of the security firms. Instead he got hired by a number of other technology companies, none of which is directly computer security related.

    Recently he set out to build his "all star team" and AFAIK didn't come anywhere close to success (a few of the more famous technology community members had shown interest, joined for some time and leaved).

    IMO finding a flaw in system is more difficult than finding excessive data on web traffic.

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