Not demoralizing, just on mobile

  • Please don't posts Discourse stuff in here. There's a "reply in new topic" button right there.

  • (post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

  • Where? I'm on mobile, can't see that anywhere. (2. Post try)
    Edit: the post didn't show for me until I did a few hard refreshes :wtf:

  • I did consider that, but in the end I decided that it would be best to post it here, purley for the sake of irony, because it would appear to a common thing.

    In short: Posting it here would make it a big fish in a small pond, posting it in the Discourse Hall of Fame would make it an exceedingly small fish in an incredibly large pond.

    But mostly for the irony and, apparently to provide something to moan about for those who need to moan about things

  • Happened to me too. must be something to do with Discourse being very single minded / threaded / process when moving stuff around. And, I think the "interrupts" made it do it wrong anyway Post Sequence Buggered

  • SockDev

    We are on mobile.

    That is different.

  • @abarker why are you guys suddenly jeffing So much? Because it's funny? Cause it's funny to see disco shit itself? Change in policy?

  • mod

    Certain categories are subject to stricter controls (mostly the help areas and making sure that extended flag/badge talk ends up in the right place). Also, most jeffing is prompted by a request. Everything I am aware of being done today was on request.

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