E-mail must be a number that is greater than null and less than null

  • From WD's product registeration website...
    Thus, I disbaled javascript. That seemed to be the right answer.

  • The Real WTF is that there is no "and" in the text. So even if it had been a numerical field and had had actualy values, it would still have been gramatically incorrect.

  • Actually, the real WTF is that even though you've set your browser and possibly your whole machine to Finnish(?, I apologize if I got it wrong), the website seems not to care about internationalization and therefore any special characters you've entered in your password field are likely to be marked as invalid and that's why you got the stupid error message. This is extra funny cause it's a Western Digital website, a company which is big enough to care about internationalization of its website, whether it's a support page or not. When you disabled JavaScript, you disabled the idiotic validation code and that's why you got through.

    I hate when companies assume that everyone in the world is English or has their OSs set for English. 

  • Actually, the only 'special' chars I used were @ and . and they were used on the email field. The most likely cause is buggy javascript (since I didn't use IE).

    if (f.name == "form_newuser") {
    // validate input
    f.email.desc = "E-mail";
    f.email.isEmail = true;
    f.email.maxlength = 50;
    f.email.isNum = false;
    f.email.min = null;
    f.email.max = null;
    f.password.desc = "Password";
    f.password.minlength = 4;
    f.password.maxlength = 30;
    f.password.isNum = false;
    f.password.min = null;
    f.password.max = null;
    f.password2.desc = "Confirm Password";
    f.password2.minlength = 4;
    f.password2.maxlength = 30;
    f.password2.isNum = false;
    f.password2.min = null;
    f.password2.max = null;

    I'm too lazy to read through the actual validator ('GENERIC FORM VALIDATION - validate any generic form.' '10.16.01') code.

  • Bonus points for "The form was not submitted because it was not fill out completely".  On top of the grammar error, "completely" should arguably be changed to "correctly".


    ...oh, wait...


  • +5 points for using Opera
    -340731097points for saving as JPG instead of PNG.

  • I found JPG from Photoshop's list faster 😞

  • [quote user="Pap"]+5 points for using Opera
    -340731097points for saving as JPG instead of PNG.

    oooh, so close, and yet, so, so far away.

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