Users as Verbs.

  • Continuing the discussion from The FSF's statement on Windows 10:

    Xaade v.

    1. To make an incoherent argument that would have something meaningful to add to the conversation, if only more people thought like Xaade.
    2. To edit a post after the fact, accidentally disrupting people's arguments against the post.
    3. To end up with conversational paradoxes because of bad forum software.
    4. To actually become worse at communication, because of some practice (E.G. using bad forum software).

    I thought I understood what he said, but then he Xaaded me, and I had to delete my post because now my post looked like it is Xaading his post.

    I can't even explain how she Xaaded me, without Xaading how it happened.

    He used to be a good communicator, but then his conversational skills went all Xaaded.

    Discoursed v.

    1. Obsolete. See Xaaded.

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