What do you call a periphial switch

  • That supports monitors and USB.

    I'm having trouble finding something that I can attach a couple of computers to the same monitors/keyboard/mouse.

    I've found one for USB, which connects wirelessly.

    If I have to switch USB and Monitors seperately I will.

    Alternatively I can remote from my PC to my work PC, that would be acceptable too, but my work PC will be on VPN. So I"m not sure that will work?

    My google searches have been weak.

    I keep getting server switches.

  • Are you talking about a KVM switch?

  • A KVM Switch?

    Though, when I last looked, the USB support in most of those seemed to suck.

    Edit: :hanzo:'d

  • Ok, Last I looked, I didn't get a KVM like this.

    I ended up with server KVMs.

    This looks passable.

  • VGA?

    No it does not look passable.

    I have a great HDMI switch I use for switching between game consoles, but alas it does not do USB as well.

    EDIT: pick one in this NewEgg search: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&IsNodeId=1&N=100007790 600310998

    HDMI, USB2 or USB3, now you're cooking with gas.

  • Built in cables makes it cheaper for me, because I'd have to buy 2 more HDMI cables, otherwise just one.

    But then, if one of the cables fails, it all fails.

  • Additional USB for my headset.

    I'm sold on this one.

  • KVM Switch is the way to go. Getting one with HDMI and USB support may be an issue. If you only need usb for your keyboard / mouse you may get away with an usb / ps2 converter. I have had 50 /50 success with that - never did find out why.

    Same with VGA / HDMI you will almost certainly get video, not so sure about sound. Tech Tip 1: Cheap plug converters have minimal low quality wiring. Caveat: So do some of the "expensive ones". Tech Tip 2: Get a powered KVM.

    Remote terminal is good, but there are a lot of things you cannot do to a machine with remote connections, unless you pay for the software (and not even then sometimes).

    This kind of issue I have had a lot of experience with, it was a lot easier in the old days.

    Good luck with your quest.

  • HDMI cables are cheap. Go to Amazon and buy like a 10-pack of them. Then you'll always have one to hand to loser family members who are just now in 2015 getting rid of their VHS.

  • @loose said:

    Same with VGA / HDMI you will almost certainly get video, not so sure about sound.

    My 5-port HDMI switcher does the HDMI sound channels as well. That doesn't guarantee all HDMI switchers will, but I wager most will.

  • Not an ideal solution but I know some wireless Logitech mice (and possibly keyboards) can be paired to two transmitters at the same time and switched at will.

  • I was referring to VGA to HDMI plug converters (don't get me started on DVI) :)

  • sockdevs

    @loose said:

    I was referring to VGA to HDMI plug converters (don't get me started on DVI) :)

    what about MHL plugs?

  • @accalia said:

    (don't get me started on DVI OR MHL)


  • I had a heck of a time convincing my uncle to connect his PS3 to his 50+ inch TV with HDMI.

    You could literally see these gigantic pixels while playing because he was using Composite cables so the picture was 480i.

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