No good deed goes unpunished

  • A note to myself... never use try to help out questions that regarding API which need to bind to an account to use again.

    There was question regarding how to use Google Blogger API. I see there is no direct material on how to use it so go and try to create example. Now Google APIs requires you to get secret key binded with your Google account to use, so I think no big deal and go ahead.

    Now there is a gitch... my Google account is linked to certain website that uses Google account to access, but is created before no-foreigner policy. When I try to setup my account to use the Google API I have to fill in a lot of fields that I was not needed to fill before (after I created that account, I just use it to login the other websites and not tried to login Google related services like GMail for a long time). Now after I finished the example project and uploaded it, I found I no longer be able to login that website and got redirect to some other website without deposits and other stat. Now I have to figure out a way to let me go back there.

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