Additional topics not loading on high res monitors

  • (it does not seem to onebox.)
    Expected behavior: load more topics if initial batch does not fit screen.
    Happens now: does not load any additional topics.
    Google Chrome 40.0.2214.115 (Official Build) m
    Revision 831713c5c90271926c2ca70afaa969d32e4576f5-refs/branch-heads/2214@{#490}
    OS Windows
    Blink 537.36 (@189787)
    JavaScript V8
    hm, i need to update that to 64 bit i see. (flash stack spraying mitigation apparently needs 64 bit to work properly - yes yes i understand why.)
    CSS: tdwtf widescreen+min. Discourse default is slightly better in that if you open the composer you can scroll to force load of additional topics.
    EDIT: of course the album oneboxes now undefined EDIT2: and it's gone again...

  • December last year:

    Closed but not fixed. January this year:

  • This is something that I remember popping up when mucking with the how much to load in a batch settings a long time back, if you don't scroll to the end of a batch the new one isn't called for and it looks like you are getting the full batch without scrolling so it doesn't trigger.

    EDIT: and undefined by @PJH with proper links to things.

  • God dammit, i just forgot it then.
    I'm certain this was working at some point...

  • YATB

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