DriveCleaner 2006

  • I took pictures of the malware "DriveCleaner 2006"

    This was done on a non-persistent VM in VMware, running Windows 98

    Windows 98 with no extras
    VMware Tools
    Firefox 2.0
    Internet Explorer 6
    DriveCleaner 2006


    They certainly do present enough warnings to make you think there's a horde of criminals digging through your computer at any given time. Luckily they clean it all. Oh wait....

  • Watch out for those Critical Clipboard objects, you have been hacked if you have those.  And that in your history?  Hackers can take over everything in your life if they know that.

     Good stuff, I love da malware. 

  • "Now will be downloaded application..."

     I love it

  • I'd say that strategy is so old it's almost ancient nowadays. This is not even restricted to computers (tho it's attractive here because the things are still a myth for many users).

    Take the dubious medicine advertisement of your choice for example: "Do you often feel tired after you woke up? Are you hungry before you eat? Be aware, this could be the first symptoms of Aglophomacalongonucitis! Seeming harmless in the beginning, this horrible illness will cause numbness of limbs, bad breath, eczema, hair loss, blindness, deafness, impotency and eventually death in its advanced stages.
    But no worries! Just take a pill of our priced Healthocine Gingum (R) every day and because of its special scientifically researched F-Formula (c) that has been developed by real scientists and that actually works, this will be no threat for you anymore! Just fill out the coupon and order your first set of Healthocine Gingum (R) for just $99.95! And remember: Tomorrow it could already be too late..."

    Back on topic though in the case of those "pseudo scanners" you should really look into the Terms of Service for a few more gems of hilarity. I remember a similar software that cared to explain the way it evaluates possible threads a bit further there:

    "Term definition: The words 'severe', 'critical' and 'dangerous' do in no way indicate actual harm for the computer but are simply arbitrary labels we use"


  • I've seen the "LOLO YOUR IP IS SHOWING" ads so much nowadays... i.e.

     "Your IP address is showing, this could permit hackers to get into your computer, get anonymization!"

     Uh... security through obscurity anyone?

     or the "Your IP address at $ip is available and that is all an attacker needs to get into your system"

    Haven't they heard of "firewalls?!"

    and some other topics: "Slow internet connection? get $product now to triple your internet speed!"

    how bout no... I'll stick with the conventional registry tweaks for windows and my linux systems are fine as is.


  • One of the small joys is looking at those online ads using the Linux distro of your choice and seeing warnings about Internet Explorer.

    Also, I use the WOT firefox extension (rates sites based on how safe they are). has one of the worst I've ever seen.

  • Haha. look at picture #16. It shows the cookie from its own web site as a potential threat...

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