No '5 months later' indicator if a deleted post is inbetween

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    @Weng said:

    I am not sure if that's a legitimate post by a crazy person, extremely awesome robospam, or actual human-perpetrated spam from the most awesome SEO blackhat ever.

    Serious uncanny valley moment here.

    The linked post is a reply to a deleted post, which was right above it. The post before that was 5 months earlier, but there is no 5 months later banner.

  • Hmm, this actually looks like something useful to put on meta.d.

  • I neither have nor want a meta.d account.

  • Nonsense, something like that surely would have been caught during the extensive testing that this world-class product receives.

  • 'K, I'll toss it over there then as this is a feature I actually like and an edge case they obviously didn't look at.


  • Why do Discourse developers utterly hate the concept of "single source of truth" so much?

    Like... why isn't the "X Days Later" thing being generated by querying a database which contains the canonical list of posts in that thread? Why is it being stored elsewhere?

    That's the cause of like 80% of these bugs.

  • It probably is. But with this new feature, I'm guessing they didn't take into account deleted posts, is all. The problem being that the "deleted" post is still there. It just gets hidden.

  • It suggests to me that the X days later is attached to the following post, and that it is generated before deleted posts are being removed. Which is strange, because deleted posts should be filtered out while fetching from the database, but generating the X days later in the DB query requires an analytic query, and doing that in code is probably simpler and more efficient. And even then the obvious implementation calculates the 'X days later' after filtering out the post.

    And they're not storing the X days alter in the DB because it also got applied to existing locations.

    So the only logical conclusion is that they're filtering out deleted posts in code, rather than in DB. Which doesn't make sense.

  • @PleegWat said:

    So the only logical conclusion is that they're filtering out deleted posts in code

    Actually, looks like this:

    Which was designed to hide stuff in summary mode, but didn't take into account non-summary mode and deleted...

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