Sony software on Samsung TVs or *BSD on Tizen; Oh my!

  • Continuing the discussion from The curse of Asian corporations:

    Sony has gotten their PS Now service to run on non-Sony hardware, in particular Samsung SmartTVs. Running so well they managed to unload what I assume is Tizen. Oh and the power button stops working when PS Now is running.

    **Performance** For all my complaining about my Smart TV's performance, PlayStation now runs amazingly well! Starting the service seems to completely unload the on-board Smart TV software to the point that the power button on the TV doesn't even work in the PS Now app. On most smart devices you would expect an app to run on top of the operating system, but the Smart TV software is completely off, and PS Now takes over the whole TV.

    Once PS Now launches, you can immediately feel the difference. Arrowing through the menus, which used to be a slow, sluggish process, is now fast and snappy. PlayStation 3 games actually start, and run, and run well. The whole experience was a level of performance I didn't know my Smart TV was capable of.

    Not sure if improvment over Tizen or...

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  • Isn't this literally the same article we were discussing three days ago?

    Yes, yes it is.

    Good job, very timely.

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