Crontab is very 1982

  • SockDev

    Crontab is very 1982

    It also Just Fucking Works™

  • I'd wonder if CommaToast was a @blakeyrat handle, except he would never have recommended node or java.

  • Fake News

    It could be his evil twin!

  • I suppose, given the same reasoning, that hardware (the CPU specifically) should be designed to execution human readable code directly rather than use the archaic and outdated Machine Code.

    I have mentioned before that I read Science Fiction. A recurring theme is one where an advanced civilisation has forgotten it's past and are forced to rediscover fire in order to survive. I have, in the past, found such a concept difficult to believe, but more and more I am witnessing examples of it actually happening. There was a television programme / documentary a little while back where some young adults (around 20 or so) were shocked / amazed at where leather came from.

    If you extend the reasoning to it's ultimate conclusion, you can understand why any future AI would want to be rid of humans.

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