Edit history for t/1000 isn't quite right (maybe?)

  • I edited the title of t/1000 a few hours ago. At that point, the edit history said that @luhmann (I assume it was @luhmann) was the last person to edit the title about five hours previously. Unless the ninja edit window got extended that far, my changes should be visible. However, as you can see, they have been merged with the previous edit.

  • Edit histories are often not quite right.

  • I shouldn't have been surprised, I just hadn't seen it happen to one of my edits yet.

  • Discourse! I demand a rebut ... you have put filthy words in my mouth I didn't utter.

  • @Luhmann said:

    Discourse! I demand a rebut ...

    Ask for a rebut, get a Discobutt...

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