LEGO squaring the circle

  • sockdevs

    For best results, use a square image.

    Yet avatar be round.


  • The Jeff-ering is spreading. We must...I dunno...Triangle the hyper-cubes? Anything to confuse the Jeffisits-ist-erings-ists.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    @RaceProUK said:

    Yet avatar be round.

    One assumes they meant "not just rectangular, but also square".

  • Do you know of an image format that allows a round canvas?

  • @RaceProUK said:

    Yet avatar be round.

    So a square fits the same aspect ratio as a circle, so it just needs resizing to fit the circle rather then cropping.

  • My guess is that the WTF is they resize the image (don't matter where) using one dimension in order to make it fit into their page template. I guess that this would be where, possibly, any "jeffering" comes in.

    A non- square, non-round (as opposed to oval or ellipsoid) object would thus become distorted.

    It would be an even better WTF if the had complaints about that, and responded with the above "advice".

    I am reminded of this joke Technically correct but a completely useless answer

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