Google Fiber: Speeds out of this world!

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    So I came across this article: Google Fiber pushes automatic piracy fines to subscribers. Not sure how reliable it is, so I'm looking for other sources. Anyway, if accurate, it seems that Google is being the wimpiest of ISPs in this respect and just passing on piracy complaints to subscribers. ISPs receive this complaints all the time, but often do nothing because there is nothing that can definitively link the piracy claim to a specific individual.

    But none of that is the undefined. From the article:

    Touting speeds which leave current Internet offerings in the dust -- allowing consumers to enjoy up to 1 GB/ps

    Speeds up to 1 gigabyte per picosecond (roughly 1 Zb/s)? Where can I sign up?!? I know it's not practical. I just want the bragging rights!

  • I get up to 1 pB/Gs.

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