[Already Fixed, Next Beta maybe] Keyboard Shortcut for Reply to Topic doesn't work without viewing near end of topic

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    @ChaosTheEternal said:

    Yup, if I go to any thread with over 20 posts (I'd say go to any over 50, just to be safe) at post #1 by clicking on the post count, then clicking the top box that appears, then press shift+r, I don't get the post editor.

    You could also see it jumping into the middle of a topic, like one with over 25 unread posts.


    1. Enter a topic that has over 20 posts at the top or a topic that has more than 20 unread posts. You can enter a topic at the top by clicking on the post count in any topic list, then clicking the top arrow.
    2. Press Shift + R.

    Post editor appears with the header stating "Reply to <Topic>".

    No post editor appears.

    Once you have viewed the bottom of a topic, it keeps the suggested topics and thread controls even if you go to the top, so the keyboard shortcut will work. In order to reproduce the bug, you cannot load a topic within the last 20 posts.

  • Sound like this one? https://meta.discourse.org/t/shift-r-only-works-sometimes/29332

    It was fixed at meta.d last Thurs, we might not have it here yet.

  • I didn't know @Kuro reported it over there (I don't see any comment about it here). I don't exactly watch their side for bug reports either.

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    Yeah, sorry about that. I figured nobody over here cared enough and it wasn't a bug that was big enough to really bitchCOMPLAIN about, so I went straight over to meta.d.

    But it's nice to see that we got the exact same repro steps

    PS: As you can see, reporting this bug over there leads to you having to defend the report from people saying "It's not even a bug because you are doing it wrongtm ". And it's not even Jeff (he was the first to acknowledge the post with a like...). So it's posting it here is the easier option.

    Filed Under: But you can never be sure if it's going to be fixed if you post here... so meh

  • mod

    @Kuro said:

    "It's not even a bug because you are doing it wrong™ ". And it's not even Jeff

    Great. Acolytes.

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