The newlevator is BROKEN (may be a staff only bug)

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    Yes, you read that right. The stupid thing doesn't work right. It's navigating based on … well let's get those terms defined before we worry about that.

    Ok, so we all know that posts are defined by multiple numbers in discourse. There are:

    1. post_id This is the absolute ID of a post in the entirety of discourse. Has little meaning within a topic.
    2. post_number This is the id of a post within a topic, including its relation to deleted, moved, and hidden posts. This number is constant and may or may not relate to the post's position when displayed.
    3. post_position This is the displayed position of the post within the context of its topic. This number can change.

    For example, the post quoted below has post_id = 416494, post_number = 259, and (at time of this writing) post_position = 255.

    @boomzilla said:

    @abarker said:
    I confess, I'm actually helping with this one.

    No one actually likes that thing, though.

    Now that we've got the terms defined:

    You would expect that the newlevator would navigate by post_position, right? Well you'd be wrong. It's navigating by post_number.

    Go ahead, try it in What favorite UI element will we lose next? Hopefully not flags.. Try navigating to post_position 150. What's that? it's not even on the screen? Well, post_number 150 is. Isn't that what you wanted?

    For the curious: if you try to navigate to a deleted post_number, it just takes you to the next undeleted post. Try going to 59 or 60 in the linked topic.

  • @abarker said:

    Try navigating to post_position 150.

    It dumped me to post #154. I don't know how many posts are deleted/hidden in the topic before that point, but if it's 4, I'd have to say NOREPRO.

    @abarker said:

    Try going to 59 or 60 in the linked topic.

    Got the blue highlight on post #'s 63 and 64, respectively.

    Of course, the "newlevator doesn't highlight correctly when a new topic gets its first reply streamed in" bug still exists, and looks worse due to the new theme:

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  • mod

    Here's what I landed when I tried going to 150:

    Here's where I should have landed:

    Could it be that it's a staff only bug?

  • Possibly. I end up where you say it "should have" landed. You'd need to ask @PJH or @boomzilla to try and repro to be sure?

  • I survived the hour long Uno hand

    I end up here:


    1. Click newlevator
    2. Type 150 in the box
    3. hit enter

  • As do I, which is post #154, but in position 150 for us, since we can't "see" deleted posts.

  • I end up there too.

  • mod

    @ChaosTheEternal said:

    As do I, which is post #154, but in position 150 for us, since we can't "see" deleted posts.

    For staff they don't directly show up. I see where they were, but I have to take action to display them.

  • Deleted post numbers: 56, 57, 59 and 60

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