Idiot Proof Website

  • My site is written in classic asp and is getting a ton of traffic (bear in mind it's less than a week old).  I'm a bit worried it might crush the server.  Would .NET be faster and safer?

    Idiot Proof Website


  • LOL, look at the HTML comments:

    This page was generated in 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000827 seconds on 12/10/2006 5:33:12 PM (pretty effing fast!)
    Aside from, the best site in the universe, any other site with the highest referral count in my logs stats will get coffee on me (Kevin)!
    Add a third page that links to my ad laden sites.
    Create a forum to dicuss streamlining and dumbing down site.
    Spam the internet with links to (IPW).
    add mobile devices to awstats
    Buy some coffee.
    Create a large "Rent this adspace banner"
    Get broadband.
    Test drive the new Lamborgini Murcielago. **no, it's not my site
    Hire theonesteve for IPW 3.0 interface.
    Write a targeted blog... "How to register, host, develop, get 100+ diggs in 24 hours and have it NOT make the front page of" 😃
    sc0ticus doesn't like my web 2.0 snaziness. 😞
    thekidder may be right but he missed something 😛
    we have our first bonefide idiot: AbortedFetus. lol
    Reizers: shhhhhhhh!!!
    see, the site is back up and everthing is fine.
    beelz, you know i did. did you?
    ok, time for bed. peace. 12/05/2006 2:00 AM.
    whatchu talkin bout mcraigw?
    spacebar14, don't beg. 😉
    rss is for bitches.
    awstats is being reworked. should be updated soon. -done. (real stats updates every 15 minutes)
    Joe Cartoon Gerbil. pffft.
    thanks bhavi. that's a great idea!
    is joe cartoon gerbil cool?
    86 diggs in 20 hours, 15 minutes and still no DIGG.COM front page. 😞
    IPW 2.0 update: AJAX enabled the site.
    I think we did make the technology home page. not sure. can someone confirm somehow?
    ok, joe cartoon gerbil is cool. my bad.
    At the advice of my lawyer, added copywrite notice. n/m it complicates the slick look of the site.
    ha ha? are you laughing at me assasein84? 😞
    firefox kicks ass yo
    go with 23.8 percent of referrals... uh... can someone translate that please.
    refresh abusers will get thier ip banned and you'll never ever ever ever be able to visit again. like

  • what does Idioproof mean?


    <title>Idioproof Website</title>


    Looks like some idiot spent too much time writing stupid comments and not enough time proofreading...

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