This was an odd behavior, but only I questioned it...

  • Ok, several years back, I worked for a company that did a full-blown web app in Classic ASP, tied to SQL Server.

    It was done by the "offshore" team.

    My "team" (if you want to call us that) was to maintain it and help with installs.

    The issue is, we noticed that on "fresh" installations, the code would break.

    We tracked it down to 1 line. We had to comment out that one line, run the code, and then un-comment the code to get the app to work.

    Conversely, my "team" (which consisted of me and basically two graphic designers) built a full-blown Classic ASP app with a SQL Server backend from the ground up (using Waterfall!), and we didn't have that issue.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I don't have the code, so unfortunately I don't recall what it was supposed to do...

  • Eh, that happens. I've jeffed your threads to a more appropriate category. Thanks for contributing anyway!

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