Racially Offensive Server!

  • The University of Saskatchewan has decided to name one of their servers HYMIE.

    I don't know what the idea is here.  A whole collection of servers that offend different races, for instance wop.usask.ca and wetback.usask.ca or simply ones that focus on  antisemitism:  hebe.usask.ca jewboy.usask.ca


    usask.ca.MXIN86400spamf4.usask.ca. [Preference = 10]
    usask.ca.MXIN86400skyway.usask.ca. [Preference = 20]
    usask.ca.MXIN86400spamf2.usask.ca. [Preference = 10]


  • Isn't Hymie a "shortened" (similiar, for example, to using "Chuck" for "Charles") version of Hyman, a name that is/was somewhat common for those of Jewish heritage?  While I am aware of the name being used pejoratively (e.g. Rev. Jesse Jackson's usage of "hymietown" to refer to New York City), I think that in the context of naming a server, you are jumping the gun to imply that merely using that name for a server implies racism.  While your other examples seem quite blatant to me, I don't see those in the list.

    In other words, just because a name in common use amongst a group of people is used to disparage them, does not mean that using that name is necessarily disparaging in all contexts.  I'd be more suspicious, however, if those other terms you used also appeared in the list below, as they have no common, non-insulting use.


  • is a non-American and has never heard of the term

  • Maybe they thought Hymie is ancient greek (like Hymnos), since they have other "ancient" and/or "greek" server names as well.

  • Sysadmin with a disgusting sense of humor.

  • It's amazing how people can find racism where none exists.

    Maxwell Smart's robot friend was called Hymie too, but I guess Mel Brooks was being anti-semitic, huh ?

    Good on you.


  • It is extremely common today that people find racism where it doesn't exist (like the recent death of the black New York man by some police officers) and don't see the racism where it does exist (like affirmative racism action).

  • If I name a server "nigger.somedomain.com" and this is an internal name, not seen by general public, is this rascism? If you were a rascist, would you name your server like that? I think that's more poking fun at rascists than rascism. I'd say that some people stopped to think and analyze and instead started to react when they encounter certain keywords..

  • @Bob Janova said:

    is a non-American and has never heard of the term

    is an American and has never heard of the term

    Maybe somebody who can't spell named it after a hispanic friend/character named Jaime.


  • My keyboard has the letters "QWERTY" on it!!!!  It must some obscure racist reference from 173812471264891 BC!!!! OMGOMGOGMOGMGOMGOMGOGMOGMG



    Fucking retard. It's just a server name, and from the look of it I bet it's a nerdy reference to that robot form Get Smart.

    And beside, who under the age 50 ever heard of that word (not me).

    In the end everyone sees people from their perspective (interpret this sentence as you wish)

  • You know, whenever I wat to be really racist, evil, and nasty, I name a server aussiesaregay.domain.com or something, it's the most effective form of racism.

    I'm with the "seeing things that aren't there" club on this one. 

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