Unlink if you can unlink

  • In a russian forum I found this PHP code:

    if (unlink("../news_photos/smalls/".$filename_old== TRUE) {
    So, if you check PHP documentations, unlink returns true after deleting the file, so the second line will try to remove non-existing file and will display a warning message, and the first line will also display warning message if the file does not exist.

  • Copy/Paste, Copy/Paste, Copy/Paste... 😃

    And of course, always compare with true and never with 0 (zero).

    After all, who the hk ever reads the f***g manuals?

  • Maybe he or she was trying to do it like this:

    if (unlink("../news_photos/smalls/".$filename_old== TRUE BUT DON'T UNLINK IT YET, STUPID) {
         unlink("../news_photos/smalls/".$filename_old) NOW!!!;

    He or she missed the "Do What I Mean, Not What I Say" operators.

    Oh, they haven't been invented yet. 😛

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