QuiQuoter V1.0.2 - Experimental Plugin

  • QuiQuoter-v1.0.2.js

    How to use:

    Add code as user script to GreaseMonkey or any supporting extension. (only tested on chrome)

    While composing a message (The composer must be open or you get an alert)

    Select some text you want to quote.

    and press
    ### ALT + Q


    • support partial quotes and preservation of structure
    • code quoting works but not 100%, < > and other stuff generate as html entities (&gt;)
    • some onebox support
    • unstable/experimental


    A partial selection of a quote preserve quote nesting in reply

    Final words

    Play with it, Love it, Hate it.
    It is Experimental and I have no plans to improve it or maintain it further.

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