Background connections.

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    @loopback0 said:


    I have plenty of memory, I still don't want Chrome just sitting around in the background. It's a fucking web browser - I clicked Close because I want it to close.

    That works for all software.

    I worked on an enterprise application that was slow to start. The server side software was old and could only support x connections to it.

    So they gave the user a 20 connection limit.

    Then someone had the great idea to have the application kick up a background app that wasn't fully started, because the bulk of the startup time was before application layer spun up. Then they decided to have several in the background. This improved user start up time significantly. Some apps took 15 seconds to start up, and now took only 8. Other apps seemingly started up instantly instead of the 7 seconds it took before.

    The problem is that this overloaded the server connection limit, because so many users had useless background connections spun up for no reason. Some users only ever used 1 application, so the 3 background processes were never used, other than holding a server connection slot.

    I never bothered to find out what compromise they developed, because they certainly couldn't ask the user to add the 8 seconds back onto the startup time.

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