Pendandtic dickweedery with style!

  • SockDev

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    @Onyx said:

    Hold on... NO! I am not letting this off on a Discourse joke! I just got a new sturdier soapbox, and I'm climbing on top of it, right now! Because people are wrong On the Internet. And wider!

    The short systems is provably wrong! It's an order of magnitude worse than kilo vs kibi thing, and unmeasurably worse than metric vs imperial, and we were able to talk about that for ages! With kilo and kibi at least it's close. 1000 vs 1024, eh, same order of magnitude. With metric and imperial you get a warning: nobody says something is long "3". It's either "3 feet" or "3 meters". You can convert that shit.

    But with billions it's a freaking mess! 10 billion of something. Good, great, now I have to find out who wrote that and where they are from, and then what system their country uses. Because 10×10<sup>9</sup> and 10×10<sup>12</sup> is not even close!

    I said I can demonstrate the short system is wrong, and I can. Linguistics, COMPLAINs!

    Relevant: One million (1,000,000) or one thousand thousand: 10<sup>3</sup>×10<sup>3</sup> = 10<sup>6</sup>

    The word billion comes from bi-million. Trillion comes from tri-million. Now, obviously, it's not 2×million – it refers to powers.


    Billion: 10<sup>6<sup>2</sup></sup> = 10<sup>12</sup>
    Trillion: 10<sup>6<sup>3</sup></sup> = 10<sup>18</sup>

    Oh noes, you say, what about 10<sup>9</sup> and 10<sup>12</sup>? We need those! No worries, we have these beautiful words: milliard and billiard. Now isn't that nice? How can you argue with that? Instead of a boring old billionare you get a milliardaire (French, I'd imagine English spelling being milliardeur, but the Internet is not helpful). Come on. read it out loud. Milliardaire. Isn't that an aboslutely fantastic word? Use it!

    Flagged this for pendandtic dickweedery; I think it deserves it 😄


    I will only reply by saying that Discourse fucked up my <sup>s in the original post and completely raped them in the onebox.

    Yes, I know how serious using that word is. I feel violated!

  • Well earned! 🚩

  • Incidentally the 2nd of such awarded in that topic for me today.

  • @Onyx said:

    Billion: 10<sup>6<sup>2</sup></sup> = 10<sup>12</sup>
    Trillion: 10<sup>6<sup>3</sup></sup> = 10<sup>18</sup>


    I think you mean 10^(26) and 10^(36). And I do agree with long scale, cause I've used it all my life. And running into short on the internet is weird.

    EDIT: Misattributed quote.

  • area_deu

    I don't really see the pendantry/dickweedery.

    Interesting, yes.
    Entertaining, yes.

    Badge-worthy ... not sure.


    Bah, I'm missing parentheses, I meant (106)2

    I blame all the tags, got confused!

    I shall edit it for correctness, my history is public and my shameful fuckup will remain displayed for the interested, so I don't feel bad about doing it.


    So... does this mean I miss one flag? I wasn't even shooting for it, honest, this genuinely annoys me, but I'm so close... So close...

    Isn't there a soul what would flag poor old me? Please? undefined

    Ok, ok, I'm not serious, I'm just amused with the fact that we're abusing flags to award posts instead of deleting / moving them so I felt this need to point out the absurdity of it by begging for a flag. It should be awarded to the worthy, not due to pity. I leave the matter in your capable hands, TDWTFers.

  • Tough crowd.


    I would be disappointed if it wasn't.

  • @Onyx said:

    Yes, I know how serious using that word is. I feel violated!


  • 🚩

    I think we should use 10^10 as a compromise in true DiscoStyle

  • If we just definite it as Discobillion then whether it's 10^9 or 10^12 won't matter.


    It will be whatever Jeff feels like that day.

    I would also like to thank @Jarry for, what I can only guess to be, a third flag. This is a badge I didn't expect ever to get so if I do I will be very honoured.

  • @Onyx said:

    I will be whatever Jeff feels like that day.


    Are you Jeff's BITCH now?


    2AM is a barrier to proper tpying.

  • @Onyx said:

    2AM is a barrier to proper tpying.

    It cretainly seems so.

    <!-- I know, it's intentional, duh! -->

  • @tar said:



  • <!-- I trust you saw my comment in the raw...-->

  • Yes.

  • 7 flags 😆

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