Poll:Avatars caching is off.

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    Cached: Yes

  • SockDev

    Ah, but which cache? Browser? Proxy? ISP? Intermediate server?

  • I suspect that most tool indicate cache support if some related header are in place. but there is no actual verification of the mechanism.

    It could be just me, but whenever I refresh the topic list, I can see all the avatars loaded slowly over and over.

    Looking at the network inspector shows that avatar requests always return 200. Even though the server provide caching control headers.
    If the caching worked properly requesting a locally cached asset with the If-Modified-Since should have returned a 304 if the asset did not change.

    The browser(chrome) will initiate requests even for cached assets every time you hit Refresh, possibly even if there is an "Expires" header, Which there isn't in this case. Here it only relies on if-not-modified-since and Last--modified mechanism.

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