Probably the worst thing to happen to me today...

  • See if you can spot my obvious mistake.

    I would actually advise not visiting this site, as it immediately starts playing audio at you (strike #1).

    Well, at least I'm a "Valued Visitor", and not just some random shmuck who typo'd one of the most popular sites on the internet. I wonder if I can win Apple Product (100% anonymous)? (strike #2)

    (Wait, if it's "100% anonymous", how will they know where to deliver my Apple Product...?)

    I have decided that this shit is not worth my time, and a Ctrl+W GTFO may be in order, but wait! There's more:

    Strike #3, and I think we're done here.

    As a bonus featurette, this misadventure originally happened on my laptop, so I decided to recreate it on my tablet to capture some images. Although it turns out that McAfee is still somehow infesting my Chrome, it at least seems to have the right idea about this:

    Whoa! indeed. Now excuse me while I go get my video fix from a genuine internet site...

  • This kind of reminds me of Russian roulette. Who wants to try: ...etc.

    (When you the reader thinks about it, I'll bet it reminds you of Russian roulette, too.)

    (BTW, glad to see you survived relatively unscathed.)

  • kills Dumbledore

    @CoyneTheDup said:

    And that's as far as I'm going to go for Science. Note the text at the bottom of the "survey"

    This Survey is an Advertisement
    This website receives compensation for purchase of products featured

    What's the bet my "chance to win" will cost me a few hundred pounds?

  • Yeah, I'm getting the stuff @Jaloopa screenshoted. I bet these people who own domains like "" are renting the redirects to the highest scammer bidder.

  • Huh, when i visited i got a 'windows' audio message that I have been infected with spywares AND adwares AND all of my bank cards are now leaked... funny i thought there was a wet sensation in my trousers.

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