PM sometimes reserves space for suggested topics

  • SockDev

    this seems to be new today, about half the time clicking a PM notification link will bring me to the PM with space reserved for the suggested topics list that doesn't appear in a PM

    Scrolling does not revert to correct behavior until i have scrolled up enough that the entire suggested topics list (that's not showing because it's not supposed to) would be off screen. then scrolling back down causes topic to end at the correct layout thingie.

    me am is word gud today.

  • I don't think it's just on private messages:

    End of topic (this one, but others appear the same):

    End of PM:

    The padding at the bottom does change to match the post editor height when that is visible, but when dismissed or minimized, the empty space is still there.

  • SockDev

    huh. true. it's on the end of this topic too. about 5k pixels of white at the bottom of the topic.


    /me goes to quickly switch to discourse default css to make sure that's not the issue

    I'm back! extra blank space here too, but not as much. about 250px

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