The Buildmaster thread

  • Since there is only Q & A rather than discussion available on the buildmaster page, I thought I would create a thread to talk about it.

    Does anyone use buildmaster in a live situation and know it well enough to talk about it? or will I just be bothering Mr apopoppapadipapooppoadioumous with my questions?

  • Not here, since it seems to be a Windows-only thang...

  • Not a bother; there's live chat you can use (when we're at the office), email, or any of that. Happy to help.

    We verymuch welcome questions... if nothing else as an opportunity to improve the product, documentation, etc.

  • yeah I know you wont mind, I just also hoped others might have some answers.

    here's my first one:

    lets say I want to create an environment promotion that requires a code-review to be completed. Can I set up buildmaster to allow the upload said code review document, as a pre-requisite of being accepted and promoted to the next environment? I know I can do the acceptance bit but it would be nice to have the document there on hand so it's easy to keep track of. If yes, how can I achieve this? I can't see anything in the UI for setting it up.

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