Man ps

  • Not exactly code, but documentation.

    info ps | grep -B34 -A3 stime:

    Note all the "see also ... stime" things? Well... guess what isn't described by the manpage.

    (Ubuntu 14.04.)

  • SockDev

    man stime?

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  • That stime isn't relevant, and all the other things in the "see also" lists are referring to other fields that ps can be instructed to output, as in -o lstart,stat,bsdstart. -o stime actually does display... something, but it looks like it's an alias for start_time.

  • NOREPRO on mac, but, from your screenshot, if the analogy with cstime is anything to go by, stime may be system time (Which might be different to start time, but why I don't know).

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