Another "Help" Site WTF

  • So I went looking for some assistance earlier on using Word's built-in Table of Contents functionality and changing the levels shown. I ended up finding the information I needed, but in the process I came across site with an...interesting...way of expressing itself.

    The site in question: Link

    If you scroll down to Section 4, it helpfully starts giving you information about creating a Table of Contents to encompass multiple documents, until you encounter a strange black smudge over the words.

    I knew it couldn't be my monitor, so I went to highlight the words to try to figure out what happened and...


  • Hah! I can feel that dude's frustration.

  • That's pretty clever, I like it.

    Also the "little bugs like this" message and icon is randomized each page load.

    Why is this a WTF? What a great way to engage readers.

  • @blakeyrat said:

    Why is this a WTF? What a great way to engage readers.

    Not so much for the idea itself, but for the fact that it sits on top of (and therefore overlays/covers up) text you're trying to read. If they had the little smudge off to the side of the text column, I'd be fine with it (though I'd still consider it somewhat gimmicky), but because it covers up (debatably) useful information, I call shenanigans.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    I see your point but if it didn't cover up the word you probably would not have tried to mouse over it and thus missed the joke.

  • The only reason I read online tutorials is for the laughs.

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