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  • Now you can get the same great support for your Linux machine that you do for your Oracle database...

    I agree with it to some extent, as a good portion of their client's problems boil down to OS config in some way...and it gives them the whole stack...what I am actually a little shocked at is they went the same way of, with a RHEL4 redist...Hell, I thought they would have just bought Novell.


    Let hate mongering commence: 

  • chirp

  • I'm confused.. is this in regards to Oracle's Unbreakable Linux Network? Our company is about to make the switch to this from Red Hat's support. Reason? Price. With luck, Oracle won't jack the price up in a few years. And since our Linux boxes are used for Oracle only, seems like it should be good to let Oracle do the support on them. Has anyone here made the switch? Any bad experiences with it?

    As for support, I've been very pleased with Oracle's support via Metalink. Sure, it can be a bitch to find what I want, but if I put in a tar, I usually get support very quickly. Maybe I'm just lucky.

  • Actually I agree with I said, usually the problems people have are not just DB related, but OS too, so it gives them the entire stack. I think it is a great deal and a big stick in the eye for RedHat, but I think that is what RedHat should have exepcted after foolishly thinking that buying JBoss and competing against Oracle App Server would not adversely affect their relationship with Oracle.

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