LG electronics world wide undefined


    wtf is that undefined on the right?

     (i am viewing with firefox 1.5)

  • From the looks of the page, the "undefined" comes from an external .js file (/js/embedControl.js) which contains only:

     function __ShowEmbedObject(__ELEMENT_ID)

    document.write( __ELEMENT_ID.text );
    __ELEMENT_ID.id = "";

    and the element they're passing in (__GATEWAY__) isn't defined anywhere, so... undefined. 


    Viewing the page in IE shows there's a <comment> block with that ID just before the flash applet, and works "fine" there.

  • Using Firefox: highlight 'undefined', right-click, "View Selection Source." (Which just confirms what the previous poster said.)

    It was some time before I discovered Firefox had such a feature. It had been on my 'wish list' in a browser for a good long while. 

  • It appears to be generated by the line:


    when I look in:

          <SCRIPT language="JavaScript" src="/js/embedControl.js"></SCRIPT>

    I see:

          function __ShowEmbedObject(__ELEMENT_ID)
             document.write( __ELEMENT_ID.text );
             __ELEMENT_ID.id = "";

    there is a tag:

         <comment id="GATEWAY">

    My WAG would be that IE is passing the object representing the comment tag to the function while Firefox is not.  The message from Firefox's JavaScript console is:

         Warning: Element referenced by ID/NAME in the global scope. Use W3C standard document.getElementById() instead.
         Source File: http://www.lge.com/
         Line: 36

    Is "GATEWAY" some kind of global variable in IE?



  • A Google search suggests it isn't.


    I suspect that FF returns "undefined" when the not-explicitly-defined .text property is queried, whereas IE returns something else.


  • It was even longer before I learnt fx did that. Ie just now reading that post.

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