Job Posting for developer. No, seriously. Toronto.

  • Speaking of Navision and junk....

    The company I work for is looking to hire a fulltime developer. They didn't explicitly ask for a sociopathic joke ruiner, but I'm posting here anyways.

    Short'n'sweet: ASP.Net shop, so know that or be able to learn it in a few days (seriously, if you can code, you can pick up .Net). Dynamics Navision as huge fucking asset, but if I can learn it on the job, so can you. You'll be a full time developer working with me in the support division. Handle tickets, work on new change requests from existing customers. Some QA and troubleshooting required, so please have that sort of brain.

    Toronto area (specifically, Markham, just a touch north of Steeles). ~20 really good people, plus a dog. Honest moment time: best team I've ever worked with. Hands down.

    If you want more info, ping me here or fart some IMAP at:

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