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    @PJH said:

    Finally, in parallel to the differentiation between the stock Nice Posts and more recent Nice Topics (the only difference between them being whether it happens to be the first post in the topic or not) I've mirrored this with Mediocre/Passable/Reasonable series of badges.

    Thanks for adding these badges. I feel, however, that they are less amenable for use in titles than the ‘mediocre poster’ series of badges is. Thus I would like to suggest making the badges a bit more wtfy by changing them to match:

    • Mediocre Thread
    • Mediocre Original-Poster
    • Mediocre Topic
    • Mediocre FILE_NOT_FOUND
    • Mediocre Discussion Starter

  • kills Dumbledore

    I managed to find a title use for mediocre topic

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