IE 7 install, beware!

  • Just installed IE 7 on my laptop.  It wanted a reboot, so I did.  As it does so, I notice something isn't quie right, since I get the blue background "Please wait..." (same background when check disk needs to run).  I get to windows, and my 1024 x 768 screen is now 640 x 480.  In the process of installing IE 7, my video, sound, USB, and power management drivers were wiped out!! AAARRRRGH. 

    2 hours later, no amount of uninstalling/reinstalling/updating of the drivers or rebooting my system seems to work.  I tried downloading both ATI's official drivers, as well as the ones provided by HP, and nothing will take (I get errors when they try to install).  And so far, I haven't had any better luck with the other ones (though the video is kinda top priority for me).  Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK........

  • Something similar happened to me with IE 7 - although it didn't wipe out my drivers probably because I canceled the install before it was done.   You could always try using System Restore and restore the system to a point prior to the IE 7 install.  Saved me many a times.

  • Consider yourself lucky.  I installed Vista, and it wiped out my whole system -- "Program Files" and "Documents and Settings" were both gone.  Good thing it was a work computer with nothing important on it.

  • Hmmm. Isn't IE7 rolling out as a critical security fix?
    And, uh oh... Tomorrow is Patch Tuesday.

    "Please don't screw up any computers I'm responsible for.... Please don't screw up any computers I'm responsible for...."

  • Well I managed to make ie7 to "not install properly" once. There were no hassles on installation, the app just wouldn't start. After some restarts, one uninstall and one re-install later (as in double click the downloaded installer again), ie7 fires up successfully without any issues. Upto now ie7 hasn't crashed on me yet.

    This successful installation somewhat makes me doubt my system though...

  • There's a way to block that install in corporate environments. If your system admins haven't done any testing on it, that's the REAL wtf. 🙂

    I got it working just fine on the "remote" box here we have (so called because all we do with it is remote desktop) but won't dare install it on my actual workstation. I know better.

  • The worst I got from IE7 was the reboot prompts.

    Prompt 1.  "Would you like to reboot now?"  I chose No, since I want to shut down anyway

    Prompt 2.  "Are you sure you don't want to reboot now?  bad things can happen, blah, blah."  Again, I choose No.

    Prompt 3.  "You chose to not reboot.  bad things can happen, blah blah."

    Guh!!!! Yes I am well aware that I'm not rebooting right now.  Just shut up!  So obviously with all these prompts, I'm not in the least bit surprised that an incomplete installation could leave your laptop as a paper-weight.

    So I shut down, everything installed nicely, and I continue happily using Firefox 2 😛

    I figured it would be better for me to install it myself, rather than have it go through the patch tuesday run and break something in the middle of the night. 

  • Windows: Are you absolutely, positively, one hundred per cent CERTAIN that you don't want to reboot now?

    User: Don't Reboot.

    W: Look, we don't want to tell you what to do.  But just so you know, we think only an idiot would leave his computer running at this juncture.  Reboot?

    U:  NO!

    W: Ohhh Kaaaay...But would you mind signing this waiver first?

    U: !@$^!$!!

  • I've never had any trouble whatsoever with IE7.

    I installed Beta2 and 3 without problems. 

  • Since moving away from windows, I can't say I miss it. My desktop at home had a problem with the updated driver for my soundcard.

    I thought at first there was something on my system causing the problem, so it was formatted and clean installed, and the update applied first thing, same problem.

    What would ultimately happen would be during the soundcard install, the computer would lock up hard, forcing me to hit the reset button. Upon rebooting, I had no sound, and no optical drives. Even system restore in safe mode couldn't fix the problem.

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