Windows Live Search - almost XHTML?

  • You'd think that a company like Microsoft would at least run their pages through a validator before claiming that their pages are Strict XHTML. Or would you? Afterall, it was a weird feeling in my gut that told me to look at the source code - the kind of feeling associated with not being able to open any links on the page in a new tab without browsing to it in the original tab too. And sure enough, it doesn't validate.

    Now, I don't know about the Web name space, but there are plenty of other things wrong. In an act of charity, I've made a nice button for them to put on their page:

    Almost XHTML Strict...

  • HTML Tidy broke my meta tags.  Can I use that icon until I fix them?



  • [quote user="Benanov"]

    HTML Tidy broke my meta tags.  Can I use that icon until I fix them?



    Lol. I think w3c holds more of the IP to that than I do 😉 

  • Try this one, people probably wouldn't even notice that this isn't one of those default XHTML valid buttons.


  • It's not even well-formed XML. Even if all the bits of XHTML don't come together to form a proper XHTML document, a browser would still be able to do something with it if it can at least parse the damn thing.

  • I am pretty sure this is valid XHTML, all of the I originally thought it was fine, since all of the first errors are related to the Web namespace, however, I was wrong.... its just wrong, no, its not even wrong.


  • Hooly Dooly... I barely looked at the code and I could see it was a mess.

    I like the icon you made. Maybe you could email it to them 😛

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