Any GPU gurus here?

  • Looks like I need a new graphics card, my little power supply mishap a couple weeks ago took out my Radeon R9 280X. The only spare GPU I have is an old GeForce GTX 460 which is a huge step back, and whatever piece of junk is integrated on my i5 2500k. I do have a requirement to support 3 monitors, but not for gaming.

    Typical games include PlanetSide 2, KSP, Space Engineers, Minecraft. PS2 is probably the only one that needs a good GPU.

    Judging from Passmark's GPU benchmark/price list, it looks like a GTX 970 is by far the best bang for the buck, and most seem to be around $330 - $350. I was looking at a Gigabyte model which supports up to 4 simultaneous displays. Agree/disagree/random thoughts or suggestions?

    I am not particularly loyal to either NVIDIA or AMD.

  • I've never had a problem when I was able to spend 400 on a card.

  • SockDev

    @mott555 said:

    GTX 970

    that's what i have right now. i am loving it.

    only using it to drive two monitors, but there's no reason (other than desk space) that i couldn't have it drive more.

    i go for nvidia more than ATI because i've been burned on driver updates from ATI too many times.

    take a driver update that they marked as for yuour card and have it irreversably shit the bed.... call ATI up and their support says "oh yeah that update does that on that model. sorry. nothing we can do about that"

    maybe you could have, i don't know, MARKED THE UPDATE AS NOT COMPATIBLE‽


    the 970 will do just fine. if you are looking to save some bucks the 7xx series will also server you quite nicely, just not as nicely.

  • SockDev

    @mott555 said:

    GTX 970

    @mott555 said:

    Hey! That's my card! 😄

  • SockDev

    i went with EVGA, but otherwise probably pretty close

  • Like literally.

    Must suck if your card is for sale and you didn't know.

  • I TOTALLY didn't "borrow" it for testing then sell it.

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